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Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 11:15 pm
chris has nice shoes.

May. 23rd, 2005 @ 01:29 pm

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May. 5th, 2005 @ 10:32 pm
i just need to vent. i need someone new, i want someone new. but i dont. ryan makes me so mad way too often, i feel like he treats me like shit sooo much...i do so much for him and get nothing in return. but then theres the cute times, and the lovey dovey times we have and he takes me to the movies and dinner, but it just bothers me. i mean i havent called him in 2 nights. we used to talk until one of us was gunna go to sleep and then we would do our good night thing and hang up. i miss that so much. i just want to pick up the phone and hear his voice. but i can't give in. its not fair to me to be wrapped around his finger. i dunno what else to do...but i miss him so much, but i dont want him to know that. jackie said if i give in, or i ask when he was planning on calling me it would show him that i did miss him. this sucks. :( i was falling for him, and i need to stand back up.
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Apr. 27th, 2005 @ 12:18 pm
i talked to him just now. its amazing how he finds this a joke. i dont even want to repeat our conversation. it was the most asshole conversation i have had with him, how can someone change so quickly?

i walked into my house, and the rasio was on....the song was called listen to our heart....weird that that was on when i come home. the last line of the song goes "listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye"

i just dont know

Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 07:41 pm
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all people MUST get a myspace and then add me!   http://www.myspace.com/10920316  

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whatcha doin?

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heres a link to the news over here about our eatontown store. its Jen's 911 call...really creepy for us to hear, but its nice because we are like yay we can hear her! just click the link under the picture of the cell phone on the page

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last night was fun, it was spose to be me and ryan goin out to the movies and dinner, but we invited rob and dana, not thinking they would actually come, and they did! it was fun. we went to chili's, saw the jacket, which was good, but realllllly long and kinda confusing at times. after the movie we came back to my house and drank a little i think they left around 2 something...after that, oh man, i gotta head trama! i go from one thing to another lol. one of my snowglobes came flying off my headboard and hit me in the head...yea it was rough u know what hahahahahaha ok it hurts tho anyway, im gunna go take lola to the ramapo reservation its so nice out, and im awake, ryan just left and im like wide awake so im outta here :) i love dorky updates :)
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